Legacy and international reputation

River Carron meander near to Carron, West Lothian Heriot-Watt staff  BGS research vessel White Ribbon and the Forth Bridge, now a UNESCO World Heritage site

The BGS and HWU share a long and successful history of joined research, both fundamental and applied, with major achievements in energy, water, and environmental and ecosystem research, as well as engineering and technology advancement. Firmly bedded in a strong national and international network of academic and non-academic partners, the BGS-HWU partnership has worked closely with its funders, in particular RCUK and EU research programmes, to develop relevant solutions to demanding challenges in marine, earth and ecosystem sciences.

The list of successful projects shared between both partners is long and diverse. Flagship programs include:

Joint programs include, but are not limited to

Lostwithiel river

For more than three decades, the IPE and the BGS have maintained strong links with the UK Government (and now through the OGA) by providing impartial geological and geophysical advice in support of their goal to 'maximise the economic recovery of UK petroleum'. These specialised skills have enabled us to offer similar support to governments and industry consortia around the world, hand-in-hand with strengthening our scientific understanding of basins and their petroleum systems. We have also shared our expertise and background in petroleum licensing and the evaluation of undiscovered reserves to promote exploration worldwide.

Closely linked to this competence and success we are also particularly proud of the more recent >£10 m NERC CDT program, which developed into a leading example of RCUK support for doctoral provision in an area of significant importance to the Scottish and UK economies. This integrated and highly innovative program would not have been possible without the financial engagement from NERC, the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), and the petroleum industry, as well as the strong support from the Scottish Government.

The quality and impact of this synergetic work has been recognised in multiple ways by individuals, groups, institutes and partnerships. The prestigious Queen's Anniversary Prize, awarded in 2015 for the sustained pioneering work of the IPE in innovation and research excellence, is just one impressive example demonstrating our work's national and international high standing.

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